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Make your research reproducible, eliminate errors and have consistent results thanks to seamless Docker and Singularity integrations.

Enhanced collaboration and data management

Speed up your research by safely sharing your data and results with other scientists in Lifebit’s open-source ecosystem.
Guaranteed replicability and portability


Easy to start

No technical background required.

Simply register as a user, upload your data set, choose the relevant genomics applications and watch Lifebit do the hard lifting for you.

Easy to use

Designed with the user in mind. 

Say goodbye to complicated coding and computational hassles. 

Say hello to drag-and-drop functionality.

Super fast

Get out-of-the-box high-performance computing coupled with Machine Learning to speed up your genomics analysis from 3 weeks down to 3 days.

Super flexible

Browse and use any existing open-source genomic application on Lifebit’s platform. Or import your very own application through Lifebit’s Git integration. 

Super scalable

Go from analysing one genome to one million genomes without constraints using Lifebit’s scalable cloud technology. 



It's like having 

6 more hours a day

Super fast

Super flexible

Super scalable

It's like having 6 more hours a day

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